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Michael Deel

Michael Deel

Michael Deel is a leading political analyst and constitutional expert who has gained recognition in the States for his unique talent and logistics skills. Deel leverages his passion for current events and knowledge of politics to tackle the challenges and opportunities faced by people. He specializes in the study of the origin of several political systems, their development, how they operate, and lastly their effect on the community.

Deel graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a bachelor’s degree in History and then joined Johns Hopkins University for a master’s degree in Government & Political Science. During his time in college, Deel gained substantial knowledge regarding the political trends, and foreign relations, and is presently regarded for his well-researched articles that offer not only the statistics of the current scenario but also examine the motivations, cultures, values, history, and decision-making process behind the on-going policies and their effect U.S. interests or national security.

Deel in his decade-long career acquired excellence in the logistics industry as well, working for several renowned firms such as Schlumberger, Arkoma Energy Services, Brown Brothers Driver Outsource Services, LLC (BBDOS), and ArcBest Corporation. This experience has fruitfully added up to empower him with the necessary knowledge, thus contributing to his overall brilliance.

Michael Deel can do whatever job he is performing to go over and beyond the call of duty. This trait has helped him succeed as a logistics specialist as well as a political analyst. This up-and-coming young man has been featured in multiple newspapers for his political columns about America’s Constitution. The arguments hence put forward by Deel are a product of critical thinking and thorough research. Deel’s diversity in knowledge gives him an upper hand in tackling real work dilemmas and issues facing our society.

With the recent advancements in the 21st-century world, technology has provided a space to connect organizations at a deeper level in order to have a global outlook. In such times, the need for political analysts is more than any of us can imagine. As it is people like Deel who will assess the impact and effectiveness of public and government policies and the projected effects of changing social trends and budget adjustments.

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Michael Deel

Mission Statement and Vision

My mission is to create restorative change in the great state of Arkansas through new ideas and honest character, not politics. With a fresh perspective, I will work to restore the Republican party and restore faith in the political process because the only contract I have is with the people of Arkansas.

My vision is simple: Restoration. I’ve realized that what the people of this wonderful state need is not more hollow words and political promises. They’ve become far too numb and disheartened by the many years of detached leadership that left them feeling invisible, unheard, and uncared for. I want to restore their faith in our political process. I want to restore the soul of the Republican party itself by embodying the original values, the values that created this great nation, and I want to restore the relationship between our leadership and our community members and show them what great change we can create by working together.

I’ve said this before, and I stand by it today; I am not a politician. It is not my ambition to gain power but to gain the trust of the community. We have all grown tired of watching politicians make lofty promises to win our trust and our votes and then abandon their commitments chasing career politics. This is not who I am.

I am of the heritage of American politics when politicians held jobs and everyday duties like everyone else. They did not distance themselves from the struggles, worries, and needs of everyday citizens. My political ambitions go no further than two terms. That’s all. I do not have a “larger” career goal that forces me to look beyond the citizens; my goal is to serve the people in their best interest.

I know what the people of Arkansas go through because I’m with them every day; talking, laughing, crying, and listening. I also know what our community has experienced for the last year; all the struggle and despair that occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic. That’s why I will donate 15% of my income as senator to COVID-19 relief for those dealing with hardships in Arkansas. I will not work 15% less. I will not care 15% less. I simply want to be of service to our community, in any way possible.

This last year also brought the rise of social and racial unrest throughout the nation and it is my goal to be a leader who unites everyone. The struggles in our state are real, they are felt, and they are monstrous, but they are not impossible as long as we seek to see ourselves in one another and not our differences. Through a united front, we can conquer anything; we can achieve anything. I do not stand for discrimination of any kind whether race, gender, religion, or political party. As a Senator, and as a fellow American, I will always champion the underserved and forgotten and fight for the disenfranchised. I believe that the only way to lift our state to its highest potential is by empowering and uplifting everyone–together.

I have a new vision for the future, but I follow down-home traditions like face-to-face personal interactions. The best way to understand the people and to stay connected to the people is by interacting with the people. To accomplish this, I plan to visit all 75 counties and fully immerse myself in the personality and character of this great state.

The current state of politics has left many people in despair, but I believe in this country, its people, and our united potential. The old games and tricks of leadership have tarnished the image of the government, but with a restoration of our values, I do not doubt that we will shine bright and brilliantly once again. And since I’m not chasing a life of power and politics, all the focus remains on the citizens and their wants, needs, and concerns. I am here for them and I want to ensure that when I speak for the people of Arkansas that I represent them well and make them proud.

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Michael Deel

Michael Deel wears many hats.

Proud to call Arkansas home for many years, Michael and his husband Justen are hard-working people who take pride in what they do for their communities, just like their fellow Arkansans.

While Justen is a native of Ozark, Arkansas, Michael got a later start after being born deep in the Appalachian Mountains of Virginia and moved to Arkansas in 2006. They’ve been with each other for nearly ten years, worked together in logistics and trucking for most of their relationship, and were married in 2017.

They know what it is like to struggle through the daily grind and live paycheck-to-paycheck. Too many are living the same way due to the current leadership in Washington DC that prioritizes big government and special interests over the wants and needs of Arkansans. By electing Michael, the people of Arkansas will have a true fighter in the Senate.

One of these fights is improving mental health care access across the state. Even before COVID-19, many people had problems accessing critical mental health care— Justen was one of those people. The pandemic has only exacerbated the problem. They know that changing laws isn’t the only answer—it takes a personal understanding and willingness to find a solution.

Just like a partnership, politics and good government is all about give and take. The government will never be successful for the people it serves if people don’t unify together as a team. Their shared experiences will be a benefit to Arkansans as Michael serves in the United States Senate.

Many people running for office say the right things to get there but don’t act on the things they say they’ll do. Michael and Justen talk the talk and walk the walk. How’s that? Well, both of them left behind their jobs so that they could put forth all their effort to win this race. As the saying goes, no risk, no reward. They love the people of Arkansas and really want to get out and hear their personal stories so that they can be best represented in the Senate.

Look, the state and our country have gone through a lot lately. Politicians, the media, special interests, and many others are using every platform they can to divide us. Michael and Justen believe in order to move Arkansas forward; we need to work together and find common ground.

Making a difference takes a lot of effort and involves a lot of uncomfortable conversations. Michael and Justen are not only used to those conversations— they embrace them. Let’s help make Michael Deel our next United States Senator!