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Ideological leader for ALL Arkansans.

By education, he is a historian and currently finishing up his master’s degree in government and political science at Johns Hopkins University. His great love of history has shown him two things. First, this country is the most successful experiment in government that the human race has yet imagined. Second, we must study history carefully to correctly learn from our missteps and improve upon our successes.

Career politicians, or those who aspire to become long-term political forces, are incapable of creating legislation directed toward improving the lives of the average citizen. By definition, any person who removes themselves FROM the public by entering what we currently call public life IS disassociated with the average citizen.

When our country was first formed, it was by delegates who held regular everyday jobs; they were farmers, silversmiths, journalists, doctors, and teachers, AND, when their civic duty was complete, they returned to their everyday life. Let’s take up this fight together and work for a better Arkansas. The time has come to put a new face on our Republican Party. It’s time to make the right choice for Arkansas.

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